I have been remiss in my blogging, and haven't mentioned that I was/am part of the inaugural show at brand new Telegraph Gallery in Charlottesville, Virginia. Besides me (the obvious star), the show also includes upstarts like Michael Deforge, Niv Bavarsky, KC Green, Zack Soto, and a bunch more. Each of us created an original piece of work based on the them "Monstrous."

You can see mine above, entitled "The Hunters." And hey guess what--you can even BUY it, while it lasts, for just $28. It's part of a limited run of 95 prints, 18" x 24" on thick juicy paper, 5 color screenprint. I've never done a screenprint before, so some things didn't turn out like I expected them to, in terms of trapping and dot screens and so forth. So you'll be purchasing a real organic piece of artwork right there--that's how art works, baby! And in the process, you'll be supporting a brand new super great gallery and shop, which is worth it all by itself. While you're at it, you should buy the Deforge one too, hot damn that thing.

Also new is that jam up there, "IN THE WOODS" a limited giclee that should start shipping any day now, and which you can buy right now RIGHT NOW. I'm super proud of how this turned out--the proofs looked amazing. Many thanks to my girlfriend Kate, who had a lot to do with the overall color scheme, especially the excruciating endgame where I usually just cry myself to sleep after trying forty billion different color combinations. Great to have a smart pair of eyes to help with that.

Two prints! Get up on it, print lovers.. if you dare...

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