DIARY :: December 2, 2016 :: Small Enough


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Andrew Mansell said:

This is a masterpiece. At the moment, I am speechless swords can’t properly describe how this piece got affected (effected?) me. Thank you.

Roger Langridge said:

Great stuff, Dustin. Real and beautiful.

Matthew Arnold said:

Hey Dustin,

Really lovely brother. I’m glad you’re telling your story. I especially loved the drawings of nature both in the woods and from above.

What about writing a comic about Dempster?


Theresa Girault said:

Thank you.

Brian Morton said:

I read it when it was first published, and just read it again now that you’re up for a award. Such a pretty piece, dealing with family, and life, and that struggle when you’re not one of the many over-confidant doofuses. Thanks for sharing so much!

katy lane said:

it’s true, we do feel as out of place as you. nice work as always.

Aric King said:

Hey Dustin,
Love the pacing of this story and the images of the Muir woods in the dark are beautiful. Just remember whenever your nervous about flying the flight attendant is probably someone about as professional as I am… that should allay any fears.

Mindy Barker said:

You are special. You do have charisma. I bet those redwoods were happy to have your presence and blubbering. Blorp.

Bea said:


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