Did you know that one of the new crop of Benign Kingdom books is dedicated to me, yes me, Dustin Harbin? It's true. I think this is the... fourth? round of Benign Kingdom artbooks, which have in the past focused on artists and friends like Emily Carroll, Phil McAndrew, Danielle Corsetto, and a ton more. If you are inclined towards Kickstarter I encourage you to help the project get over the 100% mark in the next few days--all the people involved are very good and nice and will not screw you, I promise. Plus the current crop includes my friends Meredith Gran, Evan Dahm, and Becky Dreistadt, all of whom are worth ten of me apiece.

As this is a series of art books, I thought I'd post some of the sketchbook spreads I'm including in mine, as well as the cover image, which is also available as a print in my shop. Enjoy and spread the word!

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