[NOTE: this post is part of a series of reviews, the rules of which are listed in the little image there or here at the initial post in the series. If you are a nervous reader or prone to complaining, please read the rules first!] I can already tell that it's hard to write these things by hand and still maintain some kind of control. Reading that above, you can't quite tell that I'm really enjoying the book--in fact, I haven't finished it yet, because I'm enjoying it enough to take my time. The cover is so well-designed, beautiful colors, striking and warm and pleasant and inviting. And the care Julia Rothman took with the book is evident. My small complaints are more conceptual than anything else--book design is fascinating to me, not only for the graphic elements, but the idea of organizing information with an eye toward clarity and communication is one of those places where aesthetics and science meet. You can find the book in bookstores or on Amazon. I highly recommend Julia's blog Book By Its Cover.

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