Hot bananas! I'm going to do a short print sale, from now until Monday, Dec 19th at 2pm Monday, January 2 at 2pm. It's very simple; three ingredients in this magical recipe, that's how simple: 1. Four different prints will be shipped with an additional print free. Each of these will ship via Priority Mail for domestic orders, so they should definitely arrive before Friday, December 23rd. International orders, you should order as soon as you can, and I can't make any guarantees about timing. I think if you order in the next few days you should be good though. 2. All orders totaling $75 or more will get free shipping, regardless of destination. Just enter the discount code FREESHIPPING if your subtotal is over $75, and bask in the savings! 3. All orders totaling $100 or more will get a free one-hour drawing. Note that while it's "called" a one-hour drawing, they almost always take longer than an hour, and I have other things to do during the day, so if you want to get it before Christmas, order earlier rather than later! Okay, the prints in question. Click the title link or the image to go to the relevant page in my store. Feel free to mix and match, I'll figure it all out. I'm smart! Buy a BEHOLD THE DINOSAURS print and I'll give you a print featuring the cast of a certain movie about a police officer with a very special uniform, in the great city of Detroit! Buy a THE DEVIL YOU KNOW print and I'll throw in a DEEP IN THE HEART OF THE FOREST print. That spooky cabin is probably the most popular thing I've made, isn't that weird? Buy a THE SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS print and I'll throw in a LORD SNOW'S WOLF print. If you're into A Song of Ice and Fire, that's good for you! And if you're not into it, but like wolves and trees: still good! Buy a LITTLE DREAMS, BIG BOOKCASE print and I'll toss you a free THE FATES, SO KIND, SO CRUEL print. Note that the latter is pretty tiny, just 4" x 3.5". Before you get all mad. Okay! Remember to order sooner if you're nervous, especially if you're in Canada. Mail from my house to Toronto seems to take just under 2 weeks generally, but you never know with holiday hubbub. And feel free to spread this around, I won't get mad!

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