THIS WEEKEND :: Heroes' Pop Swap!

If you're in the Charlotte area, this weekend (tomorrow) I'll be set up at Heroes Aren't Hard To Find's "Heroes Pop Swap." I'll be selling prints and comics and odds and ends from my personal collection, including a bunch of statues and mini-busts, some bobble-heads (I collected those briefly, weirdly), a set of the Phoenix English translation, a set of Samurai Executioner, and a bunch of books from my personal collection. AND, if you're in Charlotte, and are thinking about buying my new dinosaur print, which has been selling like hotcakes, I'll have that too--why pay shipping when I live in the same city you do? Check it out below, check it owwwt: It was colored by the dream team of Sam Bosma and Kali Ciesemier, and is dizzyingly good looking, if I do say so myself. 11" x 14" indigo print on nice paper, ready for you to stick on your wall and just meditate on dinosaurs every day. If you aren't going to be there tomorrow, you can always order it straight from me via the magical combo of the internet and the United States Postal Service. I'll also have this one below: Winter is coming, y'all! Okay hope you can make it! There'll be a ton of other people set up, selling all kinds of weird stuff including records, pop culture stuff, odds and ends, old books, and of course some comics too. Plus it's all at the best comics shop in America, so that doesn't hurt either. Hope you can make it!

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