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Lots of stuff going on! First and foremost, I have a new print, as pictured above! It's called "BEHOLD! THE DINOSAURS!" and was originally drawn as a commission for my friend Emily's son. But then, through some wild lucky fate, the dream team of Sam Bosma and Kali Ciesemier agreed to color it, and the results are... well, I hate to say "amazing", which seems a little immodest, but man. Just look at it! It's pretty amazing. Many thanks to Sam and Kali, and to all the people who have spread that thing around, and especially bought it. Extra points for buying! The print is available for preorder now for $40, which includes shipping! I'm not sure how long that offer will go on, we'll have to see how crazy it is to ship, and whether the complex web of free/cheap shipping tricks I've constructed can hold up. Also brand new is a print featuring this quiet wolf-- shh! He's wolfing! It's an 8" x 10" print, color (although barely, as you can tell), and totally suitable for framing. It may have been a terrible mistake to launch this one at the same time as that dinosaur one. I think one brother is getting all the attention--poor wolf bro :(. That's okay, still plenty of winter to come this year. In keeping with the Cash Rules Everything Around Me flavor of this post, I've reprinted DIARY COMICS #2, this time with upgraded cover paper, a delicious tobacco-ey... tobacco-ish? carcinogen colored paper that looks super good. I'm very proud of how these little guys are put together, although GOOD LORD, the amount of work that goes into them is bananas. I'm new to scoring covers and trimming edges, but man, it really looks good. Thanks as always to publisher Anne Koyama for making the publication of my diary comics possible! A round of kisses for Anne Kissyama, yes indeed. Those new editions are available in my shop now. Also available right now are wholesale-priced five-packs of the new version of DIARY COMICS #2. So if you're a shop looking to carry some of my comics, this is an easy way to jump on that without a lot of fuss. Or if you and a bunch of your girlfriends were told during a late night sleepover Ouija board session to buy this comic, now you girls can get a quantity discount! Oh and still speaking of making that sweet sweet moneybread, I've resuscitated my Etsy shop, adding a bunch of my recent prints, plus the 3 most recent books. Which is to say, my only three books right now, really. I'm not sure if it's worth it, but it occurs to me that places like Etsy are places where you might run into buyers that might only ever see your stuff that way. That's what I'm hoping anyway. if you're on Etsy, feel free to Like or Upvote or Welcome Wagon me, or however they put it! Coming up next week, I'll be appearing at the Heroes Pop Swap, a kind of old school "swap 'n' shop" thing going on at my alma mater, Heroes Aren't Hard To Find. I'll be bringing my regular con setup, including all my books, prints, original art, and the last of my Tooth t-shirts; PLUS a bunch of books I'm culling out of my personal collection, a dozen or so little statues, including some of the Harvey mini-statues, Flash Gordon, and more. And an Xbox, which I still have for some reason. I know it's crazy! But that's just Pop Swap baby. Nothing you can do about it. Last thing! The week after the Pop Swap thingie, I'll be winging my way up to Minneapolis for my last convention appearance of the year, at the Minneapolix Indie Xpo (sic). I think if I were them I'd spell it eXpo, maybe. That might just be my ocdXpo talking though. It's a 2-day show; I'll be up there tabling with my bro Anne Broyama, right next to Adhouse Books, and hopefully right in front of you! I'll say more about that next week though. In the meantime, have a great weekend!

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