The life of a cartoonist is filled with money! There's money everywhere! There is so much money, that I need to convert some of my "stuff" into easier-to-store "money", so I can fit even more money into my home. Some of these things below are listed on Ebay, and others are just listed... right here. So if you're into any of them, I encourage you to get up on it, either by bidding on them, or by emailing me and buying them straight up off me (where applicable). Here we go! THB SET OF 1-5 FIRST PRINTS, PLUS ADDITIONAL 2ND PRINT #1, PLUS EXTRAS (click for auction link) I've been a Paul Pope superfan ever since I first read THB, back in 1997 or so. And I will continue to be a superfan, which is why it pains me to sell some of my Pope esoterica from over the years. But fortunately I have two sets of the never-reprinted THB. Have you ever actually read THB? Holy cow--the whole reason I have two sets is so I could loan one to customers at Heroes back when I worked there. Just amazing early work. Even before Pope turned into Captain Slick Sexy Brush Master, his storytelling and pacing were next-level. No one really talks about Pope's chops as a writer--there are for sure some rough spots in THB, but I think he was like 22 or something when he started it. What were you doing at 22, hmmm? Anyway, I'm auctioning that set off. Along with the little Pulp Hope Jewel Book, and a P-City Parade ashcan I got from somewhere. SET OF POPE ANTHOLOGY STORIES (click for auction link) Man, I'm not exaggerating: I'm a superfan. Paul Pope's the only creator, besides Chester Brown, where for years I bought anything he had work in just because I loved them so much. And look! Now they're famous! You're welcome, fellows. This group of books has some of his Dark Horse Presents stories, including "Pan Fried Girl," a collaboration with Jeff Smith; plus the startling dream comic from Rare Bit Fiends, and the hard to find Manga Surprise "Supertrouble" stories, one of which has a cameo by Nick Cave and Blixa Bargeld. PAUL POPE BATMAN'S, DC ANTHOLOGIES, ETC (click for auction link) The best of these are easily the "Berlin Batman" stories, which while not directly related, are a sort of stylistic precursor to his Batman Year 100 story. "Broken Nose" in particular is my favorite. PAUL POPE NEGATIVE BURN ISSUES (click for auction link) Man, this is some REALLY early Pope stuff here. Lots of one and 2-page stories from this old 90's anthology series form Caliber Comics. Click through to the auction to see all the particulars, I described the heck out of these. WATCHMEN ORIGINAL SLIPCASE (click for auction link) Enough about Paul Pope; have you ever heard of "Alan Moore"? He's a famous wizard from England who is also a comic book writer! You probably already know all about Watchmen, so if you're interested, you can check out the auction your own self. ABSOLUTE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN VOL ONE (click for auction link) Man, I love this series, but for some reason I never even opened the shrinkwrap on this big fancy edition. Sure sign that I need to sell it. *SOLD* STRAY BULLETS OVERSIZED HARDCOVER SET OF 1-3 Back in the 90's, Stray Bullets was like the big groundbreaking genre comic, before everyone was doing crime comics. I remember hating it at first, and then suddenly LOVING it. These were all $30-$35 originally, but I will sell them to you for $50 + $15 shipping in US. They're in pretty good shape, although they've been read. Email me if you want em: dusty[at]dharbin[dot]com *SOLD* SAMURAI EXECUTIONER COMPLETE SET OF 1-10 Lone Wolf & Cub is one of my favorite comics of all time, but for some reason I bought all these when they came out and then never read a single one of them. MYSTERY. 9 of the 10 are still shrinkwrapped! You can have the set for $50 + $15 shipping in US. If you live outside the US let me know your address and I'll figure out how much it'll cost. Email me to buy: dusty[at]dharbin[dot]com A BUNCH OF MISCELLANEOUS PAMPHLET COMICS (click for auction link) Lots of good stuff up in here, including the first five issues of Lewis Trondheim's great The Nimrod series, the Batman/Grendel 2-parter (signed?! if you care), an old Charles Burns comic, some old Chris Oliveros--what, you didn't know he could draw too?--and James Sturm comics, etc etc. *SOLD* JIMMY CORRIGAN VITAL ANIMUS This was an import from Presspop in Japan. Comes with a sweet little Chris Ware box, a little numbered thingie (this one's #1399), and a bag for little Jimmy to suffocate himself in. Everything's in good shape. $20 + $5 shipping in US, $10 shipping international. Email me: dusty[at]dharbin[dot]com *SOLD* QUIMBY THE MOUSE WOODEN TOY Man this is a cool little thing, if you haven't seen it. A Chris Ware designed Quimby the Mouse toy, with disembodied cat head; plus a little hardcover book with a Quimby comic inside, all inside a really gorgeous box. This things sat on top of my comics bookshelf for years, and I think I like the box best of all. $40 + $10 shipping in US, $20 internationally. Email me, you jokers: dusty[at]dharbin[dot]com LOT OF DICK TRACY NEWSPAPER REPRINT BOOKS (click for auction link) Oh man I almost forgot this one: 33 different old newspaper reprints, originally published by Tony Raiola through the late 90's/early 00's. 29 Dick Tracy's and 4 Phantom's. They're not at nice as the new fancy IDW books, but you can get all of them for the price of one of those right now. If you want. Listen I know it's a longshot--I was a passionate Dick Tracy collector before those nice versions came out, so sue me! Okay that's all! Feel free to email me if you have any questions, and if you think some friend of yours would be interested in any of this stuff, feel free to tell them, I won't mind! And if you want several things, or want some of my comics or prints to go in the shipment, just let me know: I'm a pro at shipping, I'll box all that up and combine prices to give you the lowest shipping price I can work out. Thanks in advance!

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