THIS WEEKEND :: Heroes Convention 2011

Just got back from setting up my table in Indie Island at HeroesCon 2011! I worked for this convention for about 14 years, the last 8 or so of which I had a more centralish role in the organization and running of. This year's the first with me behind a table instead of behind the scenes, and I'm super excited about it. I learned most of what I know about comics while I worked there, and made a lot of the friends and contacts I have now through the convention and the store that organizes it, Heroes Aren't Hard To Find. Really proud of that time, and excited about this year's show, which looks great. Rico Renzi, the new Creative Director, did a really great job on a lot of the visual elements, including some swank new signs. And of course the center of the show is Shelton Drum, who was dean of my own personal comics college. SO! The show runs Friday through Sunday, and I'll be there all three days. I'll be at table 420 for you potsmokers, smack dab between Farel Dalrymple and Rich Tommaso. Here's what I'll be doing/selling: --I'm moderating two panels, both on Friday afternoon.One on taking over existing properties in comics. That one I'll probably bomb on. I'm the last person you want to talk to about loyalty to a "property", but I have some questions about what goes into the decision-making that hopefully these guys will enjoy talking about. The other one's about Kickstarter, which I can talk about all day. As for stuff I'm selling, I'll have everything listed in my store, plus ALL my existing/available pieces of original art. I bought a fancy new portfolio, so come by and browse that thing. I worked hard getting everything displayed and priced just so. The big thing for me at this show will be selling Diary Comics #2, which has only been out a few weeks, as well as my brand new DHARBIN! 1-2 Collected Edition, which will debut at HeroesCon. Plus all my prints and some older stuff. Plus a box of books I culled from my personal collection to make room/turn into money. So many choices for you to spend your hard-earned bucks on! I hope to see you guys this weekend! OH! And if you're a retailer or own a shop or whatever, I've set up options for wholesale ordering of my books in my shop. So go crazy!

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