Now available in my store, six new prints for you to purchase and put all over your house and car and work and your neighbor's house and cars! So versatile! They all come from my continuing series of One Hour Drawings, but with a few of them I've added a limited color palette. Here's a secret: I completely stole the palette from Seth's gorgeous Clyde Fans book, which I've been reading. That book is one of the most gorgeously produced books I've ever read, the art is extraordinary, the printing is immaculate, the design is crisp and sharp and elegant. Wait what were we talking about! Oh yes, the prints! They're all available here, but here are some smaller images to wet your whistle, along with links to the individual store listing. I'm pretty proud of these, and I think you'll be happy with them (if you buy them) and despondent (if you don't). Top image, "Deep In The Heart Of The Forest" | $15 "Little Dreams, Big Bookcase" | $12 "President's Day" | $7 "The Fates, So Kind, So Cruel" | $6 "King Mountain" | $10 "The Treehouse Of Your Dreams" | $10 Okay that's all of them for now! Thanks to all those who've already purchased, and especially to the people who've been spreading these images around from my Tumblr, where I posted them initially. You guys: the best!

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