Hello! If you're reading this, then I must be poor! To help pay my rent, 10 days late as of this writing, I'm going to sell off some of my things on Ebay this week. But I thought I'd give you, Loyal Friends Of The Internet, first crack at them. In pretty much all cases, they're in primo condition; if not, I'll make a note of it. But I take care of my stuff. If you have any questions or would like to buy anything, drop me an email and we'll have ourselves a palaver. I'm going to put these up on Ebay on Saturday, but until then I'll mark anything that sells as sold on here! All these prices below include shipping costs within the US--for Canada or elsewhere, I'll charge whatever USPS rate is cheapest. Thanks in advance if you're able to buy anything--I appreciate the help, and I suspect you'll appreciate the books (if you're smart).  Okay here are the books! ABSOLUTE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN VOLUME 1 SLIPCASE $200 Hubba hubba! That's a lot of cheddar, but these things seem to be going for a lot on Ebay, between 250 and 400 apparently. This one is totally brand new, still wrapped in the plastic. Two volume slipcase of one of the best comics Alan Moore ever wrote! I'm not actually sure what's in the second volume exactly, lots of extras and script and sketchbook stuff I think. The book is oversized and wayyy out of print and probably never to return in this form, due to Alan Moore hating the ess out of DC Comics. WATCHMEN SLIPCASE, 1987 GRAPHITTI EDITION $100 Another rarity! The book is in pretty much perfect condition, but the slipcase has a scuff on it, as seen in the picture. What the heck, it's almost 25 years old, I am a human Dharbin, these things happen. Watchmen sure is good, but this edition is for collector's and uber Watchmen types. Or people with $100. VAGABOND, volumes 1-24 + 27 sold! Vagabond is a pretty awesome series by Takehiko Inoue, a retelling/adaptation of the Musashi story, one of the great stories of Japanese literature. And whoa, the art! So good. I hate to let these go, but I've only read the first 10 or so, and it could be a billion years before I get the time to read the rest. Most of these are still wrapped in their plastic, and they're all in great shape. Note that at a minimum cover price of $9.95 apiece, my price is less than half of the cover price, and most of these are brand new. Whoa nellie! BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS by Kim Deitch sold! Out of print and hard to find, this is supposed to be one of the greatest graphic novels ever! It probably is, too. Sometimes I just don't twig to stuff like I ought to. But I fully expect to eventually. For now, this book  is out of print and super rare... and thus represents dollar signs in my eyes. Look for me to lament this sale some time next year when I realize my mistake. BIG QUESTIONS #3-5, 7-11 by Anders Nilsen sold! Oh man! These are so good, sooo good, Anders Nilsen is the bomb-diggety and that's no lie you foo. Some of these are pretty scarce too--sold as a set. DICK TRACY REPRINTS (Pacific Comics Club editions) $50 for all 16 or individually at $5 apiece These reprint in black and white the old Dick Tracy newspaper comic, from back in the dark ages before those big fancy hardcovers started coming out. They were originally $9, which wasn't bad back then. But if you want to read some Dick Tracy books cheap, get up on these pieces. ASSORTED DICK TRACY REPRINTS (non-Pacific editions) $25 for all 10  or $5 apiece Same as above, just a slightly different group. Feel free to email me with questions. I'll talk to ya! DICK TRACY IN THE THIRTIES $20 Cool old reprint! Strips from the early years, with some supplemental material. I would have priced this at $15 except for the free shipping thing. DICK TRACY STAMPS $10 Can you tell I was super into Dick Tracy for awhile? I've had these stamps since I bought them... on Ebay years ago in a fit of Tracyian love. There's a Chief.. um, I forgot his name? How embarassing! The dude at the beginning, that dude. And of course my main man Junior, plus Dick Tracy, stone cold crimefighter. PHANTOM REPRINTS by Lee Falk $10 4 books for $10! How bad could they be? They're pretty good actually! I loved The Phantom when I was a kid, that guy is like a creepy jungle Batman combined with the Shadow combined with.. me! Man I'm a tough, secretly wealthy, son of a gun. The Dharb That Walks! Okay my peeps! Hope you dig on this stuff, I think you'll love it! And I will love some/any/all of the money. Hopefully /all.

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