(below is a sweet example, of both chivalry and of something for buying) Here is a thing that you can buy! For fifty bucks, I will sit down and draw on a 7" x 8.5" piece of high-quality, 2-ply Strathmore 500 bristol board for ONE HOUR. Then I'll ship it to you free anywhere in the US. Additional shipping charges will apply to Canada and elsewhere. If you don't provide any direction, I'll just go hogwild and draw whatever. That is probably a good idea. Or if you like you can provide ONE word as a suggested direction, and I'll use it if it's useful. The word in the first image shown was "CHIVALRY," suggested by my man Eric Feurstein, aka Eric Colossal, aka this brilliant dude. Either way, I'll draw for ONE HOUR. I might go a hair over if there's some little thing I'm finishing. The only reason I would go under is if the drawing was already totally awesome and more work would only screw it up! SO! Go here and buy one! Fifty bucks and free shipping within the US! I think you'll probably be happy with the result! I will definitely be happy with your money. DISCLAIMER: if you make suggestions and I don't like them, I'll just ignore them. Okay? No hard feelings, but I want you to get a good drawing. If you have a picture of someone you want me to draw, I might do that if it's simple, but then again I might not! Or I might do it and it look totally weird! That's art!

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