THIS SATURDAY :: Charlotte Minicon!

Hey ho! If you're anywhere near Charlotte, North Carolina, I exhort you to come out to the Charlotte Minicon this Saturday, January 22! Shelton Drum started it up way back in 1977, which means the show is almost as old as I am. Coincidentally, I will be there selling stuff hardcore, including the dwindling copies of DIARY COMICS #1 I have left, my other mini's, this print here, this shirt here, and tons of other stuff. Plus I'll have all my available originals. Plus I'll be doing little drawings for money. So many ways to give me money, and all in one convenient place! ALSO at the Charlotte Minicon will be a number of Charlotte-area cartoonist luminaries, including my brohambles Rich Barrett, other brohambles Jason Latour and Chris Brunner, my South Carolina brohambles (pronounced twangier) J. Chris Campbell, and a ton more. You can see the whole list here, although note that former special guest Chris Stevens can't come. He is no longer a guest, although he is still presumably special. AT ANY RATE, the show is just $3 to get in, is an awesome time for you and all the parts of your family, especially the you parts and the kids parts. Plus: pony rides? I know, it's weird, but it sounds like you can ride a pony too. Details right here you guys! Also if you can't come, you can still join in the fun by buying the little sketch I made up there at the top! $20! Price is right underneath this sentence yo!

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