Over the Christmas weekend, between helpings of various cookies, I went through the entirety of my DIARY COMICS pages and updated the whole kit and kaboodle to reflect the ones that are available for sale, the price, etc. You can find a page that gathers all the available pieces together in one place here. "But Dharbin, why should we care?" you insensitively inquire. Well, I will tell you: you may or may not know this, but all my diary strips, or at least the ones after March or so, are on little 4.25" x 5.125" pieces of high quality bristol, are pretty tight little originals, and the vast majority of them only cost $10 a piece. Other cartoonists freak out at shows when they see how little I charge, but then again, the things don't sell that well. And I need money you guys! So now you can get to buying! While I talk smack about the art on these, it's not too shabby for working so small, and most of these are pretty handsome little numbers. But I'll sweeten the post, OH I'LL SWEETEN IT ALRIGHT-- 1) Until January 31st, I'll throw in a free copy of this full-color print with any order totalling more than $25. That includes orders through my BigCartel shop as well. And while the strip originals go through a Paypal cart that's separate from the BigCartel cart, if you drop me an email at dusty[AT]dharbin[DOT]com to make sure I see you're ordering from both places, I'll be happy to group those orders together. In fact, email me first, and we'll handle the original ourselves, so you don't have to pay extra shipping. 2) Also until January 31st, I'll do free shipping on domestic orders over $50. Again, just email me and we'll work the order that way, rather than get you automatically charged for shipping through a cart system. And the $25 free print offer would also be included. 3) Any available DIARY strip dated before July 1st--essentially any strip included in DIARY COMICS #1--will be half-off until January 31st. Half-off the price listed, which you can find in the little whatchadoodle under the strip description, like this: Okay! Get to buying! And don't be afraid to email with questions. I'll talk to you! Oh yeah, here are a couple of new Ten Dollar Fourth sketches, joining this increasingly massive set. TEN DOLLAR FOURTHS :: Doing these is pretty pleasant. I did this one up here while watching Lonesome Dove. The one below was, bizarrely, also during Lonesome Dove, but then again the buyer requested a Back To The Future character, so maybe it's not THAT bizarre. TEN DOLLAR FOURTHS ::

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