PARTY! | My Parents' 50th Anniversary.

Ah, love.  Or as Anita Baker would call it, SWEET Love.My parents have a famously (for us kids, anyway) contentious relationship. Not the sort of thing where they hate each other or anything, but definitely the sort of thing where they have fought constantly all my life. Throughout my childhood I constantly expected them to get divorced at any time. I still remember vividly my older brother explaining to me that "that's just the way some people communicate", when I expressed this idea to him. He was right, though, and it was a good lesson.

I mean, 50 years! Whoa!

So to celebrate, there was a big post-service burger-and-hotdog dinner after church last night, so I drove down to Monroe to sit through church with my family and celebrate. Super weird, highly emotional, with a bunch of crying all over the place, localized mainly in the two Harbin pews. You could hear sniffles all around you in a diminishing Doppler effect.

Once the main crying was done, everyone dried their eyes and repaired to the gymnasium for some grub and fellowship. I had a great time hanging out with my family, although my brother and I almost edged into a political discussion ("Dusty, Obama wants to REDISTRIBUTE THE WEALTH! I heard the guy say it! That's Marxism!"), but I edged back out of it somehow.

Speaking of edging out, the night's sermon was on how everyone should be doing more to witness to people and just generally put the people around you into awkward positions by stressing how hot and fiery Hell will be for them. Much emphasis was put on family members, which I am one of, so all night I kept expecting people to corner me by the water fountain so they could talk earnestly to me about my soul. I wanted to take pictures of the gym (here's one here:)--

There is nothing more restrictive and unpleasant for a kid than to be seated at a table with a bunch of boring adults who do not want to see how fast they can eat a brownie.--for posterity's sake, but I seriously was worried whenever I'd get too far away from the crowd, as I knew that's when a proselytizer would strike! You can never be too careful.

Anyway: if this is thoroughly uninteresting to you, then DO NOT go look at the entire set on my Flickr page, which has even more tedious description and reporting. No extra charge!

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