ONE-PAGER | 26 Cartoonists Which I Have Recently Met And Liked.

Man, I have really enjoyed working on this page. It took longer than I initially thought, but they always do that. It was just fun to get back into drawing cartoons, after so many months of thinking about work at home. Very pleasant; as a matter of fact, as I type this I'm sitting at home on the 3rd day of a 4-day weekend, where I have done no work at all. Thrillingly pleasant.

These are all people I have met in the last year or so, although most of them were either at this year's HeroesCon or last year's SPX. If you're not familiar with the artists' work, in some cases I've attempted to make some nod to it, either stylistically or via some symbol (for instance, Julia Wertz gets drunk a lot in her comics), which has often saved me from having to worry about a likeness (see Julia Wertz).

You can see the art at a much larger size at my Flickr site.

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