AUFAUXBIOGRAPHY | Page 4 | Longstreth, Cotter, & Campbell

Okay, so during the recently completed HeroesCon 2008, I was able to get some really super additions to my little themed sketchbook, the first of which I have posted in my AUFAUXBIOGRAPHY Flickr set. It's fab, check it out.

If you're just tuning in, this is a themed sketchbook I've taken to a couple of comic conventions, asking artists to contribute a panel of an evolving story of my life. I make no suggestions other than a few rules in the front (no boobs, swearing, etc.). I got some really primo additions at HeroesCon, which I'll post over the next couple of weeks or so.

I'm also finishing a new one-page strip now, featuring 26 sweet cartoonists. I'm inking it with Rapidographs, which are even more frustrating than I remember. Dang! I'll probably post that in the next couple of days, once I get all the lettering done.

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