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Hello, it's me again!

Witness above or on my Flickr site another pair of pages from my sketchbook. The drawing in the middle is of good ole Jason Bizzaro, who I drew in a confidence-building 10-15 minutes on the way to Chapel Hill in May, where he, his wife Missy, and myself were headed to enjoy a Polvo reunion show. And enjoy it we did. Although I will say that, in retrospect, I felt the whole time like I was surrounded by jerks; like everyone in the room, excepting the group of 15 or so Charlotteans who met up there, were great big fat jerks and should have been avoided at all costs. I'm not sure why, and no one was anything but nice.

It may just be the vibe that the Cat's Cradle gives off--I'm not sure I've ever REALLY enjoyed a show there, with the exception of The Flaming Lips back in 2000 or so. Could it have been so long ago? Maybe 2002? Doesn't matter; it's the only one.

What's funny is that all my favorite memories of that trip are either from riding up with Jason and Missy, two EXCELLENT people to be in a car with for any amount of time, or tricking Chris Holston back into the back seat on the way back by buying everyone's late-night breakfast at Waffle House. $40 in exchange for NOT sitting wedged between two people in the backseat of a Saturn for 2.5 hours? A pittance!

Also on this page are some notes I wrote after reading Part 1 of Dash Shaw's excellent The Bottomless Belly Button, which might be the most interesting book I've read all year. I'm not sure if it's the best or not, but it sure was good. So good that I tried to read it as slowly as I could, even re-reading Part 1 before moving on to Part 2. I couldn't wait after that though, and just ended up finishing it. I may still write a long review of it for work, but we'll see. It's fading in my mind already. The book works on a very strange subliminal level. Though it's visually strange-looking, all it's tricks are very subtle, and create a reading experience that's just a hair out of phase with what you're used to, so everything is at once surreal and VERY real.

For now, I really enjoyed it. That's a review, right?

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