A New Look!

After working on HeroesCon, which is part of my day job, for the last year, and especially for the last two months solid, to the exclusion of pretty much everything else in my life, it's over and done. It's been a few days, during which time I have been numb and weary, and sick for the last few days. SUCKS! Pretty down-in-the-dumps, too, truth be told. It's hard to do all that conventioneering all year and then realize when it's over that you have to start over on the next one. Essentially you're a party planner, which is a terrible place for a person to find themselves at the age of--

WHOA! What's with all this Negative Nancy? I'm sure I'm just tired still. In the meantime, I'm trying to trick myself out of my funk with drawing, which I haven't done for nearly two months solid, which is nuts. EXCEPT for this drawing which I did in the waiting room of a glacially slow Meineke around the beginning of the month, while waiting for them to inspect my car. I shouldn't complain--the car's been out of inspection since I bought it a year and a half ago, so I should be counting my lucky stars that I haven't gotten a ticket. You can see the drawing and others like it on my Flickr page, which is hot!

But after a few hours of drawing, I do indeed feel better--ah, the solace of aimless doodling! I'm getting back into the swing of daily drawing, as I begin working on what will be the contents of my first ever minicomic, which will debut at this fall's SPX. Plus, I've been so busy that I've said nary a word about my first ever PUBLISHED comics, Superior Showcase #3, which came out a few weeks ago from my buddy Chris Pitzer at AdHouse Books. If you'd like to buy one, I'm sure he'd like to sell it to you. Or we have it at Heroes Aren't Hard To Find, if you'd like to pick one up here in lovely Charlotte, NC.

Here's a picture of me, cover artist Roger Langridge, and fellow cartoonists Jim Rugg and Laura Park signing the book at HeroesCon last weekend. My story is the last one in the book, and the only one which prominently features farting as the basis for most of the jokes. People just don't realize. More on that soon, as well as a more optimistic report from HeroesCon. But I'll need to do some more drawing first!

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