DRAWINGS :: The Jack of Teeth.

Okay, so I've officially abandoned my old site, which was a little unsustainable under the weight of increased drawing by me. Blogs are better for those uninterested in web design, which I am (uninterested, that is). I found a little piece of code that lets that page redirect to this blog, but there's a little lag, so I decided to stick something in there for you to look at during the lag, rather than making the entire "D H A R B I N" page load, etc. So this morning before work I whipped up a little me-as-playing-card, and now that's what you see, for a split-second. Of course, it's only about three inches high in my sketchbook, but I'll probably go ahead and do a "real" one in color before too long, because all that noodly work on the clothes is too fun to think about.

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