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Man, meeting Roger Langridge at SPX was a thrill. I've been a fan of his work for awhile, but meeting him made everything three times better. He's a super courteous guy, and even put up with my many gaffs when trying to identify his accent, first as Australian (wrong!), then British (no, no!), and then correctly as New Zealander. Oh, the embarass! He was great about it, though--it probably didn't hurt that I kept buying him beers in the hotel bar. Anyway, he whipped this up in less than an hour, while talking to fans and selling original art. You can imagine how sweet his stuff is when he has some time.

Nicholas Gurewitch is the man behind The Perry Bible Fellowship, and is pretty fun to talk to. It's a challenge--he's got a really singular rhythm to him, so you have to sync up a little before everything clicks. We had a good time hanging out, although not for as long as I would have liked. His addition to the book kinda bled through all over poor Brad McGinty's, but that's my fault. I should have given him some pens out of my man-purse, rather than letting him draw with Sharpie. I was just happy he spared the time--he was slammed all weekend, selling copies of his new "Trial of Colonel Sweeto" collection of PBF strips. Super-mobbed. I mean, it often took me several minutes just to work my way close to his table, enough to wave hello and then let the crowd sweep me away. He's kinda blowing up right now, so good luck to him. Don't you change, Nick!

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