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So I started this at the 2007 SPX in Bethesda, Maryland. Lots of fun, with a lot of great artists in attendance--I had a hard time figuring out who I wanted to start this thing. I ended up deciding on two new buddies of mine, Josh Latta and Brad McGinty of Cute Girl Demographics. Josh (who did the first panel) zipped right along, but Brad was so busy at the show that it took him a lot of time to get his big panel (the rest of the page) done. And then when Nicholas Gurewitch did his panel in Sharpie on the other side of the page, it bled through a good bit, coloring Brad's work a little. I tried to clean it up in Photoshop, but my deepest apologies to Brad. Nick informed me, but by that time the damage was done, so I figured it was best to just bully ahead, rather than have six different inks on the page. Anyway, a good start!

You may find a reference to all of the pages in this little project right here.

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