Okay, so I've been seeing these themed sketchbooks circulating at comic conventions for years now. I've never really been that interested, but this year I've seen two that were pretty cool/funny: one was Jacob Covey's sketchbook filled with TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, for those of you who aren't very cool) drawings by super high-profile cartoonists, and another by Sean T. Collins, featuring even COOLER drawings of David Bowie. Now that I'm attending more of the conventions in full-on schmooze mode, it's horribly depressing to stand in these lines and prostrate myself before these cartoonists, most of whom I'm a huge fan of, and thus even more embarassed by having our first interaction being me begging them to attend our convention.

Anyway, so I figured out a way to have something besides business to talk about, and have a themed sketchbook subject I can really get behind. So starting at this weekend's SPX in Bethesda, I'll be premiering my new me-themed sketchbook. Not only will the subject matter be me (Dustin Harbin), but I thought it would be even cooler to make it a narrative corpse thing, meaning that each drawer would draw a panel or two of a story they're making up as they go along. Each new drawer would add on to what had gone before, making a wonderful patchwork of no-doubt inscrutable and often second-rate comics. And definitely fictional.

In true me fashion, the more I thought about it, the more I became convinced that I just had to have a title page explaining things, and probably a page of rules for prospective drawers. Thus this cartoon. Unfortunately this is my first Moleskine, and I didn't realize the paper would allow the ink to bleed so badly, which is discouraging. But I persevere! Assuming I convince anybody to contribute, I'll post them here as I get them. Wish me luck!

You may find a reference to all of the pages in this little project right here.

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