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Sam Hiti, who is one of the most dizzyingly amazing cartoonists working right now, runs this sweet blog called Fistacuffs! It's basically a great big gladiator match between dozens of cartoonists, some of which are really famous, and others of which are me. I first participated in the last go-round (FACA 3), and somehow got to the finals of my division, despite a poorly colored character and some really rushed smack talk--in mid match, you can post cartooned "smack" to taunt your opponent and/or explain to voters why you should obviously win. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: each match is voted on, and the drawers are all anonymous. FACA (I think it stands for Fist-A-Cuffs Association) #4 is getting ready to start--this new one is a 3-man team event, and my team is the awesomest! Unfortunately, that's all I can say--Sam is a harsh mistress, and regularly disqualifies rule-breakers.

Above is my original black and white character for FACA 3: Sir Araknis, Hell's Gallant. Below is the colored version, which sucks.

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